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Are Hybrid Cars High Maintenance?

Toyota Hybrid vehicles charging

Are you an everyday Normal driver who’s concerned with fuel efficiency? A hybrid option might be the best option. Hybrid vehicles utilize innovative technology to combine the old-school technology of a combustion engine and electric motors to enhance your regular Morton commute.

With the combination of an electric motor and a combustion engine, it’s only natural to assume that hybrid cars require extra maintenance. Do hybrid cars require more maintenance? And are hybrids more expensive to maintain? Read on to discover Toyota hybrid car maintenance costs with this guide from Sam Leman Toyota Bloomington.

Hybrid vehicles require similar amounts of maintenance as standard vehicles. In fact, some components will even need to be maintained less on a hybrid vehicle. Toyota has become synonymous with hybrid vehicles thanks to the introduction of the Toyota Prius. Since then, Toyota hybrids have been known to be low maintenance and provide reliable and fuel-efficient transportation for many drivers. Ready to learn more? Discover hybrid car maintenance costs today with the service experts at Sam Leman Toyota Bloomington

Benefits of Hybrid Car Maintenance

So, do hybrid cars require more maintenance? You’ll be pleased to learn that hybrid cars do not require more maintenance than a standard fuel-dependent vehicle. Opposite to assuming that hybrid cars do require more maintenance, you’ll have less overall maintenance since your engine is being used less. This also means fewer moving parts that will be worn down. Electric motors are also very simple and have few moving parts that must be replaced over time.

Toyota Hybrid Maintenance Costs

Are hybrids more expensive to maintain? You’ll not find many differences between servicing a hybrid car and a standard vehicle. In determining overall Toyota hybrid maintenance costs, consider the following areas:

Do Hybrid Cars Need Oil Changes?

Do hybrid cars need oil changes? Yes, hybrid cars need oil changes, but the cost and service intervals will remain the same. Also, keep in mind that since your internal combustion engine may not always be running, the need for oil changes may decrease.

What About Batteries?

Most hybrid vehicles come equipped with two batteries: a standard vehicle battery and a hybrid battery. If the hybrid vehicle battery needs replacement, it will make the vehicle more expensive to maintain. However, this is unlikely to happen as the hybrid battery can last beyond 200,000 miles or more.

Toyota hybrid vehicles also have warranty coverage for a minimum of 8 years or 100,000 miles, with some newer models having coverage for 10 years or 150,000 miles. This excellent coverage shows that Toyota hybrid vehicles are engineered for longevity.

Get Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance in Bloomington

Since you know that hybrids are not more expensive to maintain, why not view our model showroom, conveniently located near Springfield? We can also help you explore hybrid vs. fully electric cars with our research.


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