Hybrid vs. Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

Toyota Hybrid vehicles charging


If you’re in the market for a new hybrid vehicle around Normal, you might want to notice the difference between hybrid and plug-in hybrid. Although hybrids have been around for quite some time now, many are still not sure what the difference is between hybrid and plug-in hybrid. There are benefits to both hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles, and it just depends on what your demands call for. Let’s take a closer look in this hybrid vs. plug-in hybrid comparison with Sam Leman Toyota Bloomington! Be sure to contact us if you have any questions!

With that being said, let’s check out the difference between hybrid and plug-in hybrid. A conventional hybrid vehicle uses both gas and hybrid, and the gas engine charges the electric engine. However, plug-in hybrids have a larger battery that can be charged using a 120-volt conventional outlet, or a 240-volt charging station. Plug-in hybrids actually rely more on the electric motor, and then switch to gas in certain situations. Let’s take a look at the difference between hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles below.

Hybrid vs. Plug-in Hybrid: Advantages of Hybrids

Morton drivers are likely used to the design of the traditional hybrid. This means that as you go on your daily drives, your vehicle will be powered by both gas and electric motors, which provides some impressive gas mileage. The gas engine can also charge the electric motor while you drive, so you don’t have to charge your vehicle at home. 

Traditional hybrids provide exceptional mpg without the need to stop and charge up. This makes traditional hybrids more appealing to many Bloomington drivers, as they can more easily achieve this efficiency without having to change their lifestyle. 

Hybrid vs. Plug-in Hybrid: Plug-In Hybrid Advantages

Plug-in hybrids also have both a gas and electric engine, however, a plug-in hybrid operates more from the electric motor while you drive around Bloomington. However, once the electric battery is empty, the gas engine then provides the power. 

Different from traditional hybrids, the gas engine is more of just a backup, rather than one of the main power sources. These vehicles have electric ranges similar to those that are fully electric, however, this requires charging from an outlet or other power source.

However, there are quite a few benefits of purchasing a plug-in hybrid rather than a traditional hybrid vehicle. A plug-in hybrid is actually much more environmentally friendly than a traditional hybrid, as it allows you to charge your vehicle before hitting the Bloomington streets, and it focuses more on battery power than a traditional gas engine. 

Find Your New Hybrid With Sam Leman Toyota Bloomington!

Now that you know more about the difference between hybrid and electric plug-in hybrid vehicles, come visit Sam Leman Toyota Bloomington to learn more! Browse our new vehicle inventory, and meet with our finance department to start the buying process! Be sure to take advantage of our new vehicle specials to save near Springfield.

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