Noises When You're Turning Your Wheel – Are They Normal?

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You’re driving around Normal when all of a sudden, you take a turn and you start hearing some noises. You may be wondering, “Why does my car make noises when I turn?” Although it’s not unusual to hear noises when you’re turning, it could be a sign of something that needs to be looked at by a service professional. Of course, there are common car noises you’ll hear in any vehicle, but knowing what to look out for could help you diagnose a serious issue before it becomes a problem.

If you’re unsure, we recommend you schedule a service appointment with our team to make sure that your vehicle is always running in tip-top shape on the Morton roads. Otherwise, continue reading, and we’ll help you discover some reasons why your car may be making noises as you turn!

Common Car Noises You May Hear Turning Your Wheel

The noises you hear when you’re driving on the streets of %%traget_city_3%% may or may not be a serious issue depending on the specific noise you hear. Typical road noise from tires and other engine noises can likely be normal, but it may be difficult to tell unless you’ve got help from professionals. Before we can help you answer, “Why does my car make noises when I turn?”, let’s take a look at some common car noises you might hear when you’re turning your wheel:

  • Clunking
  • Creaking
  • Squealing
  • Popping
  • Screeching
  • Whining
  • Groaning

Why Does My Car Make Noises When I Turn?

The noises you hear when you’re turning could be caused by a number of items. Additionally, some noises like popping or screeching can be a result of various issues with your vehicle, so it may be hard to pinpoint exactly what might be causing the noise when you’re turning. With that being said, to help you better understand why your car is making noises on turns, here are some of the things that could be going wrong:

  • Worn Suspension Joint Noises: Creaking, clunking, & popping
  • Power Steering Pump Noises: Low speed whining & screeching at regular speeds
  • Worn CV Joint Noises: Crunching & grinding
  • Broken Tie Rod Noises: Clunking
  • Failing Sway Bar Link Noises: Knocking
  • Ball Joint Issue Noises: Creaking sound that gets louder over time
  • Suspension Bushing Joint Noises: Creaking

Find Out More About Common Car Noises With Sam Leman Toyota Bloomington!

Whether you’re hearing noises that you can’t identify or need help with keeping your vehicle running smoothly on the Bloomington roads, be sure to check out our service tips and tricks for more information. We look forward to helping you with all your maintenance needs. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us online!

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